Titleist CB 716 Irons Sale Price Online UK

The 716 CB irons are a great choice for golfers who think the 716 AP2 irons are too bulky at address, as well as those looking for more forgiveness than one-piece cavity-back and muscleback irons can provide. The 716 MB irons are designed to be used by golf’s most accomplished and feel-orientated players. Their thin soles give better players maximum versatility, particularly if they have a shallow angle of attack.

cb 716 irons

Titleist’s 716 CB and 716 MB irons target a small subset of golfers who are more concerned with looks, feel, versatility and trajectory control than they are distance and forgiveness. In recent years, however, the irons have never been more different than they are in the 716 line.

The new Titleist CB 716 irons have been designed with feel and control in mind. However, there is also a crucial element of forgiveness – read our Titleist 716 CB irons review to see how they stack up.

All of the models are an improvement on their predecessors and will be welcomed by many that are waiting for a club that is both technologically advanced and feels great to hit.

Titleist have done a great job and the variety of head shapes and materials makes the 716 series one of the most complete iron ranges available.