Titleist 915 D3 Driver Reviews

I just purchased this in store after getting fit for it, and it is LONG on the monitor. About 12-18 yards longer than my Cobra and about 10 yards longer than the Nike Vapor, Cobra Bio Cell, and Fly Z that I hit. Very close in distance and spin to the Alpha but visually, this club looks far better standing over it and the distance is equal or better. Crisp sound off the face, great for mishits (only lost a few yards on balls off the bottom and toe) and with the Aldilla 70 gram shaft, hit it dead straight, as opposed to the Alpha which I pulled more often than not. Love the adjustability options with the face and degree options.

915 d3 driver

Every club company worth its salt is dedicated to boosting driver performance on off-center hits. Lively clubfaces with a range of thicknesses are a given, but companies such as Nike, TaylorMade, Adams and Tour Edge have begun to look beyond the face (or, more accurately, below it), adding slots and other design elements to the club’s sole to produce more pop. The by-product, they say, is faster, more consistent ball speed on low hits.

Well, count Titleist among the believers. The new 915 D2 and 915 D3 drivers feature a deep, wide cutout known as an “Active Recoil Channel” (ARC) on the sole behind the leading edge, which allows the sole to flex more than it does in the 913 series drivers. Think of the cast titanium body as a spring that flexes in the crown and sole areas. The bottom line? Faster ball speeds (by 0.5 to 1 mph) and less spin on shots struck low on the face. What’s more, the forged titanium face insert (which has thin sections in the heel and toe) delivers 99 percent of maximum ball speed on shots hit up to a half-inch off center.