Scotty Cameron Newport Putters and Headcovers

As we all know, almost all of the golf clubs would come with headcovers. And usually, headcovers are sold for free together with the golf clubs for sale. But only the Scotty Cameron Headcovers are in various colors and designs. In this way, players would love their Scotty Cameron Newport Putters better.

Actually, each club you put in your bag is an extremely personal choice you have to make, weighing all the features and technology in each stick against their price tags. When it comes to putters, this is doubly true. Even though there’s not as much buzz around putters, they’ve come a long way since the old days and it’s guys like Scotty Cameron Newport Putters that have been the ones breaking new ground.

Even though there’s not as much buzz around putters, they’ve come a long way since the old days and it’s guys like Scotty Cameron Newport Putters for sale that have been the ones breaking new ground. Even used Scotty Cameronputters are often technologically leaps and bounds ahead of the competition — and that means a better putting experience for you and fewer three-putts on the green.


Of course, you can’t just pick up any old Scotty Cameron Newport Putters and solve your putting problems, you’ll need the right putter for the job. Currently, Scotty Cameron Newport Putters for sale come in three lines, each designed with a specific golfer in mind.

Featuring large crisscross sight lines and deep milled faces, the blades and mid mallets in this line aredesigned with Scotty Cameron Headcovers  for the very best putters in the game. If you’re looking for a more forgiving tool, the Select line is not for you.

The heeltoe balanced mallets in this series are meant to be easier to align and forgiving on the green.The bigger heads of the Scotty Cameron Newport Putters create more stability throughout the putt, helping you put your ball right where you want it.

In a word, you should know the importance of golf putting. your next putter decision should take just as much thought and effort as you gave your driver. Luckily, we’ve got a great selection of Scotty Cameron Newport Putters at along with many options from all three of these great Scotty Cameron Headcovers.

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Each golfer should have one scotty cameron putter in their golf bag. Newport is the best series that scotty cameron ever made, which have newport 2, newport 1.5, newport 2.5 and etc.

With apologies to their respective fan boys, Scotty Cameron and Apple have a lot in common: their new releases are a big deal even when they don’t change much of anything.  That’s certainly the case with the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.  This is a very solid putter that lots of people will enjoy, but there’s nothing significantly different from the last few generations.

The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 is another solid offering from the biggest name in high-end putters.  Nothing new here, just a quality version of the classic Anser 2 putter.

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Much like Apple, Scotty Cameron tends to be a very divisive brand.  His loyalists love everything he does, others roll their eyes.  The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 will do nothing to change any of this.  There’s no innovation here nor anything you can’t get from a host of other putter makers, but this is undeniably a refined, well made Anser 2-style putter.

Beyond the looks and shaping, Cameron has paid particular attention to the weighting of each putter.

The Fastback and Squareback models feature a red, aluminium soleplate that allowed Cameron and his team to relocate weight where they want it. They have pulled back the heel and toe portions and give these models a thicker topline.

Furthermore, the entire Select range features circular weights in the toe and heel portions of the sole. They can be adjusted through custom fitting or Cameron’s Custom Shop and are positioned to increase the stability and forgiveness of the putters.